Need your jewellery repaired in a hurry…?

We offer a special ‘fast’ service. For this super efficient service we will stop whatever we are working on and focus only on your piece of jewellery – with the aim to complete it in the same day. This service costs twice the price of the repair shown in the list below. With the exception of our ring re-sizing service, for which we aim to resize your ring and sent it back to you in just 24 hours as our standard service.

Clean & Polish

Are your jewellery pieces dull or dirty and need of a clean and polish? Take advantage of our expert jewellery cleaning service today!

Clean and polish silver jewellery – from £8

Clean and polish gold jewellery – from £8

Clean and polish platinum jewellery – from £16


Restore your rings and jewellery pieces back to their sparkling best with our rhodium plating or gold plating service.

Rhodium plating on white gold jewellery – from £28

Yellow gold plating – from £45

We rhodium plate white gold jewellery that is coming in for other repairs at a reduced rate of £15.

Ring Re-sizing

Rings too big or small? Get your ring professionally resized and sent back to you in just 24 hours.

On receiving your ring we will professionally re-size your ring and aim to send it back to you the same day. It really is that simple!

Please note: All white gold sizings get a Rhodium plating at an additional cost of £15

Claw Re-tipping

Over time the claws on your ring will become dirty, damaged and loose.  

Retipping claws is usually very straightforward on diamonds, rubies & sapphires, but is can be trickier when working with other types of stones. If, you have a different stone on your ring, we may need to take the stone out before re-tipping. In these cases we will have to give you a customised quote.

All prices quoted above are per claw.

Chain and Bracelet Repair

We can restore your broken necklace or bracelet back to pristine condition. We offer clasp repairs and replacements, soldering, rhodium plating and more.

Repair a silver chain from £20

Repair a gold chain from £28

Repair a platinum chain from £40

Diamond Setting

For coloured stones or fancy shapes we will have to give you a customised quote.

Earring Repair

We can repair most types of earrings, including popular loop or stud style earrings. We can replace and repair broken earring posts, replace lost or loose stones and even rhodium plate your earrings to a sparkling shine.

All our jewellery repairs come with a 12 month guarantee for peace of mind!